Crack WEP using Fern Wifi Cracker

In my previous tutorial I show how to crack WPA password but now let’s downgrade on cracking WEP that is less secure and easier to crack than WPA password, easier than eating popcorn. In cracking WEP password you don’t need to use any wordlist because cracking the key depends on the initialization vectors you’ve captured and the tool will automatically crack the key. Fire up Fern Cracker once again you goddamn bastard!

Screenshot from 2016-09-01 18-46-48

  1. Choose the wireless card (ex. wlan0, wlan1, eth0)
  2. Scan for wireless APs nearby
  3. When there’s available WEP APs the WEP button will be abled, just click the button and it will open the attack panel.

Screenshot from 2016-09-01 22-38-42

This panel will show you useful information on the router. – channel, ESSID, BSID. Click your target router, tick the regular attack and on the upper right side click wifi attack. When everything goes smoothly you’ll see the increasing number of IVs like the picture above. Take note that the speed of IVs depends on the connected devices using the network because if they are just connected but not browsing something the attack will be very slow.

Screenshot from 2016-09-01 22-40-54

27133 IVs and counting still no WEP key but in this world for us to exist, patience is virtue. You can leave it there and watch your favorite tv show.

Screenshot from 2016-09-02 06-02-23

Alas! the WEP key! a 26-digit key that you can enter as password or if you want you can decrypt the password using online hex to ascii converters. To sum it, if you’re still using WEP change it to more secure WPA/WPA2. There’s another tool that can crack WEP like wifite that I will use in my upcoming tutorials.